Free Download Monkey Suite Bundle for After Effects

All the Monkeys for one low price. A perfect blend of Power and Simplicity.

Automate your design and production process with The MonkeySuite, a powerful and intuitive series of procedural tools created for novices and experts alike. Take advantage of new bundle pricing with this highly acclaimed series of revolutionary tools for After Effects.

TYPEMONKEY: KINETIC TYPE GENERATOR ($89.99) The original best-selling Kinetic Type Generator has a unique algorithm that simulates a “2D staircase” design that is popular in kinetic typography, dynamically linked to a camera with markers for easy syncing and timing adjustments. LAYERMONKEY: KINETIC LAYOUT GENERATOR ($89.99) TypeMonkey for Layers. Works in much the same way as TypeMonkey but uses any kind of layer – video, .psd, .ai, shapes, etc. Also includes two bonus algorithms for additional layout options. MOTIONMONKEY: LAYERED ART ANIMATOR ($89.99) A versatile animation system specifically designed to quickly animate your layered .psd or ai artwork without all the hassles of keyframing. CIRCUSMONKEY: KINETIC TEXT RIGS ($89.99) Creates and animates kinetic type, specializing in complex 3D text layouts. Uses seven different algorithms that can be easily adjusted after the build to produce eye popping results easily. MONKEYWIPES: TRANSITIONS ON STEROIDS ($89.00) A wild procedural animation system that you have to see to believe. Virtually endless possibilities for text and motion graphics. MONKEYCAM PRO: CAMERA ANIMATOR ($59.95) A more powerful standalone version of the camera included in most other Monkey scripts. MonkeyCam Pro is designed to automatically move from one layer to the next and enables you to easily target hundreds of layers with a single click. Tons of bells and whistles include Camera Crash, Lens Jitter, Vertigo and Shake.  MonkeyCam Pro can also be used in conjuntion with any of the other Monkey Scripts. MONKEYBARS: KINETIC TEXT BOXES ($59.95) Specializes in creating fast and easy text box animations, the kind used in viral videos, info graphics, lower third supers, and subtitles. Swap out your own banner art or simply generate unique text animations without any bars at all. Great for high volume work. SHAPEMONKEY FOR AFTER EFFECTS: COMPLEX SHAPE LAYER ANIMATIONS IN SECONDS ($89.99) A fast and intuitive way to automatically create shape-based animations in After Effects MONKEYTOOLS: HELPER SCRIPTS FOR THE MONKEY SUITE A series of small scripts to speed up the workflow of most of the other Monkey Scripts. EDITMONKEY FOR AFTER EFFECTS: MULTI-COMP ANIMATOR Create complex multi-layered edits in seconds. Works with video, graphics or use the built-in text generator. The After Effects Killer Ape!